Restaurant Ordering Website & Apps to Grow Your Sales!

Get more direct orders to your Restaurant with branded ordering website and personalised Apps for iOS & Android for your restaurant. Get more online orders minus the heavy commissions.

  • Simple Monthly Pricing

  • No Commissions

Modern Apps

Its freaking 2022 and your customers deserve a modern app user experience. Our powerful apps make sure its always smooth, easy to add to cart and checkout on your Restaurant App.

Real Time Updates

You get a notification as soon as you receive an online order for your restaurant. Make instant updates on your menu to update pricing.

Zero Comission

Yep! You read that right! We don't work on complicated calculations and commissions, we keep it simple with a monthly price so you don't get surprises and just sales.

Easy Order Handling

Simple and quick steps to process the orders you receive with built in receipt printing so your restaurant dispatch quicker with lesser mistakes.

Branded Restaurant App

How it works

Once you're ready to get started, we'll help you setup your menu at Scale Menu with all the items, pricing with complete options. Once you have setup your menu, you are ready to receive orders on your website.

Our team at Scale Menu will be preparing your personalised apps for iOS and Android in parallel. Once those are ready, you can start routing your customers to your very own Restaurant App!

Scale Menu Restaurant App Demo

Checkout Demo Apps for iOS and Android

  • Download our demo apps for iOs and Android to get a look and feel of how your restaurant app would work.

  • Play around with all the features available, place an order and see how your customer experience will be like.


Scale Your Restaurant

Our platform is designed to make access to information really easy. We sat down with Restaurant Owners to see what they struggle with the most and made systems to scale your restaurants with easy ordering website and mobile apps.

Access to Customer Data

See What Your Customers are Buying

You have all the access to the order information from your customers, making is easy to track and see what they're buying from your restaurant.

Make Better Decisions
  • You can make deals with a couple clicks on our platform, offer them discounts and send out a notification on the apps so you keep your customers engaged.

  • Generate reports on the customer data of your restaurants to see how your previous month has been, so you keep track of the growth.

Reach Out to More Customers

You can generate data from our platform to connect with your advertising accounts on Facebook and Instagram to reach your existing audience, offer them deals and reach out to more customers.

Unleash the Power of Social Media Advertising
  • Posting on social media pages isn't working anymore, you'll more data to target the right audience.

  • We'll help you generate the right data set for your audience to reach the correct audience and not waste money and time on generic advertising with zero results.

Repeat Orders


4.6% vs last 7 days

  • Send out notifications to your customers for deals and more!

  • Generate more value from your existing customers on repeat orders

Easy Checkout

Your repeat customer places an order without any hassle.


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Keeping It Simple

We believe the best work is only done when its with complete focus, and we make sure we do the best by focusing on solving challenges for the restaurants.

Our products are designed keeping the restaurant industry at the center, and learning how the customers can get better and consistent experience each time.

Features Included with Online Ordering

Our team takes pride in our technology, we make sure the systems don't fail you when your business needs them the most.

Complete Customer Information

You get all the information on your repeating customers so you can reach out to them for discounts.

Powerful Analytics

You get to track the growth of your restaurant and generate reports on the order trends.


Offer discounts to new customers and generate seasonal deals and promo codes.

In App Notifications

Reach out to customers using your Restaurant App with notifications to get more orders on the new deals.