5 Things Customer Notice When They Enter a Restaurant

When someone walks into your restaurant, there are a few things they instantly notice and observe about the atmosphere of your restaurant. Certain factors can play a huge role in improving your restaurant’s atmosphere which includes smell, music, lighting, temperature, and the décor.

1. Smell

The smell of your restaurant is the first thing that your customer notices when they walk in. Your restaurant should ideally be filled with the pleasant aroma of your food. Customers will wait for an extra minute or stay for dessert after the main course if the aroma of delicious food attracts them. However, if the place smells like burnt or stale food, it can chase off customers if it’s the dominant scent they’re catching at your restaurant. Citrus fragrances such as lemon and orange neutralize any unpleasing smells, you may create a balanced environment for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their food preferences, by circulating these refreshing scents around kitchen workstations or in the eating area.

2. Temperature

Everyone likes to eat in comfort, customers that are shivering or sweating will be quite uncomfortable, and will most likely be unable to enjoy their dinner.  If you want to avoid losing unhappy customers due to hot or cold temperatures, find the perfect temperature balance between chilly and warm. Temperatures often rise in the middle of summer, and diners are hoping for a refreshing getaway from the scorching heat. If you’re in the thick of winter, customers could be looking for a warm escape from the cold. Adjust the temperature in your restaurant accordingly.

3. Music

Music can instantly refresh and enhance your mood, but only if it’s appropriate and at the right level. Customers’ perceptions of your restaurant are influenced by what they see and hear. Restaurant noise levels can be a genuine issue. The noise levels in restaurants sometimes reach uncomfortable levels. A good Spotify playlist for background music -which suits the theme of your restaurant and the cuisine- can not only help in reducing the white noise but can also help in creating a perfect vibe.

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4. Lighting

The mood of a restaurant is greatly influenced by the lighting. Bright, fluorescent lighting is used in certain fast food and casual restaurants. A comfortable, warm light, on the other hand, is more pleasing in any formal dining restaurant. As a general rule, harsh lighting isn’t beneficial to a good customer experience because it detracts from the mood of your restaurant.

5. Décor

The right decorations are vital for the restaurant design theme. They contribute to the ambiance, which will make your business stand out. The decorations, color scheme, seating, and accessories you choose are determined by the style and concept of your restaurant. Also, creating photo-friendly décor is a terrific idea. Interesting details and accessories may encourage your guests to take photos and share them on social media, which can be a very effective marketing tool for attracting new consumers.

Improving your restaurant’s ambiance by focusing on little details is one of the most effective strategies to attract more customers. Customers are not only interested in the quality of food, but the atmosphere of your restaurant can also have a huge impact on their overall experience. This also affects whether or not they will return.